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About To the Blue
To the Blue is the trading arm of Huw James. It is made of a group of smaller projects all designed to help inspire through Innovation, Endeavour and Resolve.

We believe in leading from the front, creating role models and impressing your-self every single day. Our values and integrity are what we pride ourselves on. We are an intentionally small company with the aim of being versatile, agile and diverse.

We strive to do the best job we can with the resources available to us, if you’d like to see what we can do, drop us a line.
Inspiration through Innovation, Endeavour and Resolve
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Take a look at Huw James and his travels, works and ideas.

Huw has done talks and shows on 6 continents around the world about science, adventure and more. Working with translators on stage, or by himself, Huw has had audiences of over 200,000 in his public speaking career. His work with online channels such as HeadSqueeze and VideoJug have seen his videos viewed by over 1 million people.

His mix of outdoor training, climbing and mountaineering, film making, photography and presenting give him the opportunity to communicate some of the most amazing features of our planet and beyond.
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Huw James Media
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Film making and professional photography have been a staple of Huw’s career for many years.

His mix of outdoor training, climbing and mountaineering place him in the perfect locations to grab those night time starry sky shots or day time extreme mountaineering shots. He is an experienced mountain leader with seasons in Wales, Scotland and the Alps. A trained climbing instructor and mountain leader, he is 100% efficient in the field while out on shoots.

A lot of Huw’s prints are available on the website.
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Anturus Education is a Multi-Platform Learning Adventure team bringing expeditions and adventures straight into the home and classroom. We create resources specifically for the public and school students, which will have the curriculum in mind but made in such a way that you can use them however you see fit!

The Anturus team create expeditions throughout the year that create resources, videos, photos and much more! They even call straight into the classroom with Skype in the Classroom.

Join them and their supporters on expeditions and adventures across the world and learn something new along the way.
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Huw’s YouTube channel brings in all his work across multiple platforms and with multiple channels.

His work across YouTube has been seen by over 1 million people and the numbers are still going up. From HeadSqueeze to VideoJug to Lonely Planet, Huw works with a wide array of channels on everything from science and engineering to travel and culture.

Check out the website for more and to contact Huw for YouTube ideas, head through to
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